Webinars and events

Join us and hear from local and global experts, who are embracing the power of technology to shape a sustainable future, now!

2021 Webinars

Smart Solutions 

To be held in conjunction with the Wize Alliance, our expert Sean Cohen,  Senior Manager for Smart Water at SUEZ will explore Smart Solutions for Water in this insightful webinar. Learn how Smart Solutions from SUEZ can optimise all aspects of water and wastewater networks for your utility. 

28 September 2021

The SUEZ Biofactory Part II 

Join Eric Garcin, Performance and Operational Excellence General Manager at SUEZ for a special webinar uncovering the technologies and processes behind SUEZ Biofactory. Eric will detail the successes at home and abroad, and explore how your utility can transition to the future of wastewater.

 October 2021

The SUEZ Biofactory Part III

In the last of the SUEZ Biofactory series, we focus on the Boneo Water Recycling Plant. Join us for the latest site tour of the plant from the comfort of your home or office. Our expert Rachael Nuttall will present Solids Stream Biofactory Technologies: Densadeg, LIPP, Dehydris Twist and Cleargreen Sidestream. 

Q1 2022

Past Webinars

Eric Gracin, Margit Connellan & Rachael Nuttall, SUEZ

The SUEZ Biofactory I 

Join SUEZ experts Eric Gracin, Margit Connellan and Rachael Nuttall as they introduce an Australian first, the SUEZ Biofactory at Boneo.

9 July 2020

Graeme Berriman, SUEZ

Achieving a More Sustainable Approach to Pipe Cleaning: Ice Pigging 

 Find out how ice pigging is improving livability with cleaner networks and delivering value for money outcomes for clients and their customers.

27 August 2020

Mark Barthel, Fight Food Waste CRC

The Future of Commercial Food Waste Series: Episode 1

In this webinar, Mark Barthel (Special Adviser, Fight Food Waste CRC) shared the current state of food waste in Australia, present the Food Waste Strategy implementation and share publicly for the first time the Voluntary Commitment Program which has proven to be a key success factor in the UK on their fight against food waste

3 September 2020

Lisa Walbom, Food Nation Denmark

The Future of Commercial Food Waste Series: Episode 2

In this webinar, Lise Walbom (CEO of Food Nation Denmark) presented the latest food waste innovation and ideas coming out of Denmark, including notable case studies and what Australian businesses can learn from their counterparts.

September 2020