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Learn how Biofactories recover water, energy and resources from wastewater in this easy to understand infographic

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Biofactories: the smart wastewater plants of tomorrow

Australian utilities are shifting from being energy consumers to producers, enabled by new technologies making waves in Europe. We chatted with Eric Garcin, Performance & Operational Excellence General Manager at SUEZ, to learn more.

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Aquadvanced™ solutions power new era in water recycling at Boneo

When South East Water appointed SUEZ and joint venture partners John Holland and Beca to undertake a significant upgrade of its Boneo Water Recycling Plant on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula, it heralded a major innovation milestone in Australia.

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Phosphobrine: the innovative new process yielding agricultural fertiliser from wastewater

Ever heard of struvite? If the answer is yes, you might be aware of the destructive effect it can have on your wastewater treatment infrastructure.

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